A Journey Through FUTURIA

An interactive audio-visual experience through Dortmund's Westfalenpark

What could the world of the future look like in the next 50, 100 or even 200 years? What sort of world would you like to inhabit in the future? How would you like to live together with other people?

This interactive audio-tour takes all individuals aged 7 and up along on an exciting journey into the future. A special app guides participants on their trek through Westfalenpark. Equipped with travel supplies and a travel diary, all travellers are invited to explore and discover. You'll pass through time thresholds, travel effortlessly back and forth between time periods and discover possible and impossible futures in the process! What will our housing look like in the future? What will our diet be like, and how we will get around? Where there be too much or too little water? How will the climate change?

Once back in the present, the experienced scenarios provide an opportunity to regard the future and our actions today from a totally new perspective. For it is up to us to invent the future that we want to see! 

From April 20, 2024

  • For ages 7 and up
  • Duration: roughly 90 minutes.
  • Participation is free of charge. There is a small fee (3 € per person) for expedition supplies that the museum provides.
  • The journey is only possible during the museum's regular opening hours. The latest possible departure time is 90 minutes before the museum closes.
  • Requirements: Each traveller needs a mobile phone and matching headphones. Please download and install the Futuria Journey app on your mobile phone beforehand. The app cannot be activated until you are inside mondo mio! children's museum.

 You can download the app using the QR code.

Groups, elementary school and secondary schools can book a guided tour (150 minutes).

Conception and project direction

Teresa Grünhage-Bilitza

Script, texts, dramaturgy and direction

Martina Krall, Peter Eisold

Composition, music, production, editing and mixing

Peter Eisold


Julie Stearns (as Rose de la Fleur)

Nathan Stearns (as Jean-Luc Pastis)

Google text-to-speech (as Alpha Siri and Delta Alex)

Mina Ok (as Babette/the emergency co-ordinator)

Kaan Aksu (as Hasan Cobagnolu)

Luis Oschmann (as MW111)

Richard Oschmann (as Ludger)

Lara Krings (as Lydia)

Sophia Tala Soltanzadeh (as Robobo Wallis)

Theatre club of the Dichterviertel Elementary School – Mülheim a.d. Ruhr (voices at the Tree of Life)

App development

Marvelous Software Solution Kalkar


Katharina Nitz

Pedagogical consultants

Monika Lahme-Schlenger, Katharina Husmann

The audio-tour is made possible with the generous support of Stiftung Kunst, Kultur und Soziales of Sparda-Bank West and the Department of Culture of the City of Dortmund. The English-language version was made possible by the Sustainability Working Group of the Host City Dortmund for UEFA EURO 2024.